Who we are

Bertola and Associates Accounting was founded in 1996, established in the center of the city of São Paulo, accumulating market experience, adopting corporate governance practices based in the expertise of our professionals, implementation of new technologies and infrastructures, converting our principles into concrete actions, guaranteeing the quality of our services, generating commitment and responsibility to our clients.


Founded in Ethics, Competence and Professionalism, the mission of our company is to advise and find management, operational and tax, through our talented and experienced professional, independent of the size, area and location of the client company.

Our work philosophy is to conceive of our company as an affective extension of our clients.

Expertise and Quality

Our services include areas such as auditing, due diligence, optimization, among others, with the aim exercising the management of results and assets, business restructuring, including family business, incorporations, splits, mergers, acquisitions, full and partial divestments of companies and partnerships, as well as tax planning.

Acting in a wide range of areas and business models, our client base is composed of a diverse array of types of businesses, as well as shared business under the regime of consortiums and participatory companies.

We respond by international report, consolidation of balance sheets and relevant action for opting clients’ existing tax regimes in accordance with current legislation.

Team and Services

Composed of experienced and qualified associates, departments of qualified leaders the same accounting activity, that operate as a structured operational group. 

We have a multidisciplinary team that is ready to provide advising, consulting and technical orientation for the accounting and taxes.

Our service model is based in departmental integration, sharing information and personalization of services provided based on client needs, with the ultimate goal of satisfying the needs of each client point by point with efficiency and objectivity.

Information Technology

We work with a projected IT platform, working to provide our services in a secure and adequate manner, following standards and prices.

Our ERP that is compatible with the size and volume of our clients’ businesses, and is adequated for government obligations, including the Public System of Digital Bookkeeping (SPED – Sistema Público de Escrituração Digital).

Our business site, in addition to its informative aims, is also interactive, providing dynamic and high quality service for our clients.

Service Providing

Our team can perform its services at the client’s location, at our own office, or a mixture of the two.